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I sit in your shadow
Awaiting your orders

I boredly look over my shoulder
Why do you pick these machines over me I muse alone at night

I am your vampire
A warrior who is immortal

I fight along side their cause
But I wonder if they accept me

A non-machine, A non-human

For all their big talks
For all the show and big fire works

I am the constant ace in their deck
I am their backup, I am their knight

But do they love me and cherish me?
But do they want me and need me?
But do they cherish my life?

I see how you look at him

It makes my heart shatter eveytime
Can't you see what you are doing to me?

But again, as night falls, I'll become your knight
But again, as sun raises, I'll be your perfect guardian

Silent and voiceless as the stars that weep for my lost spirit
Cough Meds Are Evil....
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May 12, 2010
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